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Learning through Grandchildren.

Welcome to my Website Posted on Wed, October 21, 2020 16:42:03

Choosing toys for my toyshop is always difficult, but just recently I have been able to watch how my two granddaughters play (albeit over zoom and FaceTime), In fact I am learning quite a lot about children’s development whilst I’m having fun.

They are both over 12 months now and they have changed enormously over that time, the first few months soft toys, rattles, colours and sounds were very important, but now they are more into building, stacking, problem solving and role play already.

So I have found that my decisions about choosing toys are actually based on the children’s natural development , which takes a lot of the hard work away from me..

I try to buy toys that are fun and have longevity, all the baby toys can continue to be played with ie: the knitted dinosaurs are fabulous at any age, the natural rubber toys are great for teething and for playing with at bath time, the rag dolls are friends for life and the wooden toys can be handed down to siblings and passed on to others, after they’ve had plenty of play.

Sustainable toys, sensory toys and most of all play time toys, but these toys also have an added value because they look lovely too, toys to be on display rather than hidden in a toy box.

Take care and have fun playing.

Why I Think Stacking Toys are Important.

Uncategorised Posted on Thu, February 20, 2020 17:17:40

Children are like little sponges they watch your every move , from the moment of their arrival in this world they are learning, that is why it is paramount to feed their curiosity. Toys are a great way of doing this, as by playing with you they are learning all the time.

Stacking toys often seem to be useless they just throw the bits all around the room but actually when the child is playing with them they are learning so many things, for example when a child is just sitting up they are learning to control their body whilst playing and they are using their fine motor skills when picking up the pieces, they might swap a piece from one hand to another that is helping with dexterity, and when they attempt to put the pieces in place they are improving their hand eye co-ordination.

Learning through play is a fun way to encourage development, as you are playing you are developing a close bond with your child which helps with your childs relationships as they grow older. Its also fun and free.

Enjoy Playtime xxx