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Learning through Grandchildren.

Welcome to my Website Posted on Wed, October 21, 2020 16:42:03

Choosing toys for my toyshop is always difficult, but just recently I have been able to watch how my two granddaughters play (albeit over zoom and FaceTime), In fact I am learning quite a lot about children’s development whilst I’m having fun.

They are both over 12 months now and they have changed enormously over that time, the first few months soft toys, rattles, colours and sounds were very important, but now they are more into building, stacking, problem solving and role play already.

So I have found that my decisions about choosing toys are actually based on the children’s natural development , which takes a lot of the hard work away from me..

I try to buy toys that are fun and have longevity, all the baby toys can continue to be played with ie: the knitted dinosaurs are fabulous at any age, the natural rubber toys are great for teething and for playing with at bath time, the rag dolls are friends for life and the wooden toys can be handed down to siblings and passed on to others, after they’ve had plenty of play.

Sustainable toys, sensory toys and most of all play time toys, but these toys also have an added value because they look lovely too, toys to be on display rather than hidden in a toy box.

Take care and have fun playing.

The Care of Wooden Toys

Uncategorised Posted on Mon, June 01, 2020 15:49:14

Firstly, may I just say that I hope everyone is surviving as best they can in these very unprecedented times, I find that it helps me to be busy so I have been revamping my website and sorting out all of those jobs that have been on the to do list for ages.

I have been asked several times what is the best way to clean wooden toys, and luckily for me one of my toy manufacturers has just written about this very subject.

Untreated wooden toys should never be soaked in water (in the bath, or sink or dishwasher or steriliser) as they have been untreated they will absorb the moisture.

A clean cloth and some vinegar in water / baking soda or an environmentally friendly detergent and simply wipe the toys over and dry off with a towel or simply leave them in the fresh air to completely dry. If you have a particularly stubborn stain you can take a piece of fine sandpaper and sand the mark off gently.

For Wooden toys that have been treated either with a varnish or paint they can withstand being in water a little longer as long as the coating is intact. They too should be wiped down with water with a dash of vinegar added or baking soda and dried in the same way as above.

A study in The American State University of Georgie from 2016* concluded that viruses have a much shorter lifespan on wood rather than plastic because wood is porous and it draws out the moisture needed for the germs to survive on, wood also contains naturally antibacterial substances called tannic acids which helps to self clean.

I hope that this helps,

Stay Safe xxx

Ethically made Toys

Uncategorised Posted on Thu, September 05, 2019 14:27:54

Its September and I don’t know about you but I feel that this year has flown by, this is a busy month for me as its when I start my fairs in earnest.

I have just finished Calverhall Family Day and had a fantastic time meeting new and regular customers and watching all the events taking part in what was such a wonderful country fair for all the family and this Sunday I am at Hawkstone Hall Summer Garden Day, the weather looks promising so fingers crossed its a good day.

I am buying lots of new stock (always exciting its a bit like Xmas for me) and my lovely Companies have brought out some gorgeous new toys.

I particularly like the new Dodo Bird and the Pterodactyl fromĀ Best Years LtdĀ its even better that monies from the sale of these Dinosaur toys goes towards building preschools for the children of the ladies who make some of the toys.

I have some lovely wooden toys arriving shortly and some beautiful Imajo Dolls just waiting for their new best friends, the sale of these dolls also helps to fund an orphanage in Sri Lanka for girls aged between 3yrs and 18yrs – win win situation really.

Well I hope you all have a great September and it would be lovely to meet a few of you at some of the charity events I’m attending.

all the best
Mechelle xxx