Children are like little sponges they watch your every move , from the moment of their arrival in this world they are learning, that is why it is paramount to feed their curiosity. Toys are a great way of doing this, as by playing with you they are learning all the time.

Stacking toys often seem to be useless they just throw the bits all around the room but actually when the child is playing with them they are learning so many things, for example when a child is just sitting up they are learning to control their body whilst playing and they are using their fine motor skills when picking up the pieces, they might swap a piece from one hand to another that is helping with dexterity, and when they attempt to put the pieces in place they are improving their hand eye co-ordination.

Learning through play is a fun way to encourage development, as you are playing you are developing a close bond with your child which helps with your childs relationships as they grow older. Its also fun and free.

Enjoy Playtime xxx