Seven reasons to invest in wooden toys for your children
Wooden toys are quiet!

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2 June 2019

There are so many tech toys on the market to choose from for your baby, many boasting bells and whistles – each one claiming to work wonders for your child and promising to satisfy all their developmental needs. But one type of toy that’s endured for decades is good old-fashioned wooden toys. Here are seven reasons why we believe they’ve stood the test of time.

They last

Wooden Toys Last
Children are tough on toys. They throw them bite them, smash them together – all an important part of the sensory development process. But a good quality wooden toy will survive the assault, all be it with a few scratches and scuffs, is easily cleanable and will last for generations to come.

Wooden Toys Fuel the Imagination

The simplicity of wooden toys is their real advantage. They don’t tell your child what to do – enabling a blank canvas. Encouraging them to arrange simple wooden blocks by size, shape and colour is a great way for them to develop their burgeoning imaginations.

Wooden Toys are Quiet
A boon for parents who are maxed out with music, computer generated voices and flashing lights. The only noise parents will hear is the sound of their children’s voices and laughter as they learn and interact with their wooden toys.

Wooden toys are Safe

But do be choosy. They may cost a little more but it’s important to invest in those that are made from sustainable materials and free from chemicals.

Wooden Toys Build Fine Motor Skills

The tactile nature of wood will encourage your child to touch, feel and explore. Babies and toddlers can work on different ways of grasping and manipulating a simple block of wood to get it to do what they need it to do.

Wooden Toys Never Run out of Batteries

The best thing about wooden toys, apart from their eco-credentials, is the fact that they never run out of batteries.

Wooden toys simply go on and on and on, through generations of families.

So get down on the floor with your child and indulge in some traditional, plastic-free play together. You won’t regret it.

I saw this article and thought that it covered most reasons why wooden toys are the best, they certainly do last the test of time as we as a family still have some toys that must be over 30 years old and are still going strong, even with a few bashes and chips.

Enjoy what’s left of Sunday,

Mechelle xx