Hello all,

I am just so excited to be able to report that I have some new clothes arriving shortly, they are Organic Cotton which is great, but they also come from two Companies who have lovely ethos behind their brands.

Pigeon Organics whose motto is ‘designed with style sustainability and social responsibility at heart,’ which just about covers everything I believe in and their clothes are gorgeous and Kite Clothing who are based on the beautiful coast of Dorset where I personally spent many a happy childhood holiday, and they are a planet-friendly clothing brand for children.

I can’t wait for my orders to arrive and obviously Sophie-Lily will be testing them so I will be able to make personal recommendations which is always a good idea.

I think the term planet friendly sums it all up, not only are these clothes the best for the little ones where no chemicals have been used but they are much healthier for the cotton farmers and their families too but the fact that we can trace from the field to the consumer has to be a bonus.

I hope that you all like my choice of clothes, I am concentrating on Baby clothes at the moment.

lots of love
Mechelle xxx